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Rye & Kelsey Wedding Video

· Rexburg LDS Temple ·

June 8, 2016 0 Comments

We’ve been sharing a lot of wedding and engagement photos, but we haven’t shared any wedding videos yet. Wedding videos are an additional cost to your photographer and that may seem to stretch your budget thing, but as you plan, just to decide what is the biggest priority for you. You spend so much time and money planning your wedding; your photos and a wedding video help you relive that special day over and over and over again. That is one reason that those things are so important because your day will go by so quickly! We loved this summer wedding video submission from Michelle & Logan. Rye and Kelsey were married at the Rexburg LDS Temple with a reception at a private residence in Shelley, Idaho.

From the videographers, “Rye and Kelsey’s wedding day was truly filled with so much happiness and laughter. Their video came together easily because it was a beautiful summer day for their wedding and they were just so happy!! We were a little concerned about the weather on their wedding day before the reception, but it all cleared up and made for the perfect outdoor summer reception. We love wedding pictures and think that they are definitely something you are going to print out and hang up in your home, but we also know from our own experience of having a wedding video, that you are going to love having a wedding video too!! We love sitting down to watch our wedding video together. We see those moments from our wedding day in an entirely different way watching our video than we do as we look through our pictures. We are so grateful for our photos and video to help us relive our own wedding day!”

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