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Feature Friday • Quiver of Whimsy

April 29, 2016 0 Comments

We are so excited to start our new Friday Feature posts! They will be happening 2 times a month on Fridays and it can be any type of wedding vendor serving Idaho. Vendors will submit information that will help brides plan and make arrangements for their specific niche’ in the wedding industry. If you are interested in being a featured, send us an email and we will get you the interview questions and all the requirements.

Today’s Friday Feature comes from Ashley of Quiver and Whimsy. Ashley’s interview will take over the rest of the post!

My name is Ashley Clements and I reside in Boise, Idaho with my husband, two dogs and a baby on the way. I began studying Graphic Design in high school and worked in corporate design for local Idaho companies and nonprofits for a number of years before starting Quiver of Whimsy. I still dabble in freelance graphic design but creating invitations is my main focus. I have always had a passion for the wedding industry as a whole and am finally getting to experience combining my passion with my creative skills. My passion for weddings really got started with my own celebration in 2014. I went crazy with the crafting! Nearly everything – decor, bridesmaid bouquets, and invitations – was handcrafted by me. It was always a secret dream of mine to make my passion for weddings into a career. About six months ago, after suffering from extreme burnout at my corporate design job, my husband encouraged me to take the leap and start Quiver of Whimsy. I started with a small Etsy store and website and things are gradually ramping up. I LOVE working with local clients – I even offer to hand deliver their invitations myself if the situation fits. It brings me so much joy to see a happy bride and know that I helped take a wedding day weight off her shoulders.


What are you favorite elements to the design process?

I love creating a beautiful introduction to each new wedding, but my favorite part is physically creating the invitations. That is my happy place.

How do you handle invitations? Pre-made or custom designs?

I offer both pre-made and custom designs. Pre-made designs can be seen in my Etsy shop and are added all the time. Even these can be customized with preferred color, content, and envelope style. Alternately, I provide completely custom designs (paper options permitted) that can be made from scratch and are unique to each couple. Besides custom handmade wedding invitations, I provide digitally downloadable files for brides who would like to DIY a bit on their own. I will soon be adding bridal and baby shower invitations to the mix, as well as hand-lettered quote prints. I’m a crafter at heart, so I can even make a burlap bridesmaid bouquet happen if a bride needs it!

How early do brides need to be thinking about invitations or save the dates?

The more time the better! I have some brides who contact me an entire year before their wedding, but the general consensus is that brides should start sending save the dates 4-6 months before the wedding and invitations 6-8 weeks before. Quiver of Whimsy guarantees delivery within 6-8 weeks of final design approval, so brides should consider that when planning their mailing dates.

What information should a bride come prepared with to have you make a design for them?

A bride should be able to provide the basics – all pertinent event information (date, venue, time, etc.) and her preference for colors and theme. I also encourage her to have examples of other designs that caught her eye if applicable (we never copy, but can capture the same “spirit” in a unique design). Even if a bride has no idea what she wants I am happy to help her explore and find the right invitation design for her event.

How long does it take to complete a design?

Pre-made designs (with only the information customized) take just a few days to complete. The custom design process can take anywhere from 1-5 business days once the design fee has been paid in full, depending on complexity of design and current demand. I make it a point to give a realistic time frame to each client as the nature of each invitation tends to vary.

How should brides find inspiration for a custom design?

I love Pinterest for inspiration! There is so much creativity to be found there. Brides can also draw inspiration from the theme and color scheme of their wedding or any of the great wedding magazines available.

What other type of design work do brides need to be aware of needing?

Additional elements really depend on the bride and her preferences. Quiver of Whimsy is happy to provide designs for brides who want to go all out with matching menu cards, programs, table numbers, and place cards, or keep it simple with just the invitations and save the dates. Any combination is equally beautiful.

What is a good budget for brides to have in mind for their announcements?

Budgets range between each bride and each invitation. I do my best to provide prices for the basic invitation suites in my store, with multiple add-on options. Brides can also mix and match invitation elements, including some (the invitation itself, an RSVP card) and opting out of others (menu cards, save the dates, metallic envelopes) to save some money. I’m happy to quote various options to either add some bling or keep it classic to work within a bride’s budget.

Do you have any advice for brides?

Don’t stress if you don’t have to! I was dead-set on making my own wedding cake despite all of the crazy looks I got from friends and family. I finally decided to go with a local bakery and couldn’t have been happier. It was a huge weight off my shoulders! It’s never a bad idea to let the experts help you out, and most (including Quiver of Whimsy!) can usually make it work within your budget. Believe me, the cost definitely outweighs the stress!

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